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  • St. Josephs College, Hong Kong

    (telecommunications company) 62nd Venice International Film Festival July 1 MTR Station Advanced Level Examination, Hong Kong (HKALE) Advanced

  • The relationship between aqueous humor flow and anterior

    12 hr dark cycle, starting at 6 AM, which subsequently was phase-shifted 6 hr earlier to allow measurements over the light-to-dark transition period

  • a Multi-Time-Step MCNP6 Code Nuclear Fuel Burnup Calculation

    A Method to Estimate Fission Product Concentration Uncertainty in a Multi-Time-Step MCNP6 Code Nuclear Fuel Burnup Calculation Yasuhiro MinamigawaEvans D

  • CaMeRa : A computational mode of multiple representations

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  • association between cervical interleukin 6 concentration

    Elevated interleukin 6 concentration was not significantly associated with bacterial vaginosis, maternal body mass index 19.8 kg/m2, or a short cervix (

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  • Vancomycin dosing: assessment of time to therapeutic

    RESULTS: During a 6-week period, 204 concentrations were measured in 77 patients. The most common dosing regimen was 1 g every 12 hours. Overall,

  • Quantitative determination of Gd-DTPA concentration in T1-

    Bokacheva L, Rusinek H, Chen Q, Oesingmann N, Prince C, Kaur M, Kramer E, Lee VS. Quantitative determination of Gd-DTPA concentration in T1-

  • Changes in the concentration of cAMP, fructose 2,6-

    Changes in the concentration of cAMP, fructose 2,6-bisphosphate and related metabolites and enzymes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae during growth on glucose



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  • Learning from Noisy Labels with Deep Neural Networks


  • The world of the Wetslaners: an analysis of some

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  • Workplace concentration of immigrants

    Sanders (2014): Workplace Concentration of Immigrants, Demography, 51(6), 2281-2306.Andersson, Fredrik, Garcia-Perez, Monica, Haltiwanger, John,

  • Behavior of hybrid FRP-concrete-steel double-skin tubular

    Behavior of hybrid FRP-concrete-steel double-skin tubular columns subjected to cyclic axial compressionConcreteCyclic compressionFRP

  • Discovery of solid HDO in grain mantles

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  • Daptomycin inoculum effects and mutant prevention

    The Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy. 2007; 60 (6):1380-3. doi: 10.1093/jac/dkm375 PMID: 17905797

  • Extensible Modeling Languages and Precision Timed


  • MTR4, a putative RNA helicase and exosome co-factor, is

    MTR4, a putative RNA helicase and exosome co-factor, is required for AtMTR4 and RRP6L2 cooperate in several steps of rRNA maturation and

  • RNA degradation by the nuclear exosome component Rrp6

    TRAMP complex enhances RNA degradation by the nuclear exosome component Rrp6.(A) polymerase activity of Trf4 nor the helicase activity of Mtr4 plays

  • Biologic concentration testing in inflammatory bowel disease.

    2015 Jun;21(6):1435-42.Byron P. Vaughn, William J. Sandborn, Adam S. Cheifetz. (2015) Biologic Concentration Testing in Inflammatory Bowel Disease


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  • Association between early administration of high-dose

    (score of 0), 6 or fewer (score of 1), or more than 6 punctate lesions (score of 2), as de- scribed by De Bruïne et al.17 A single

  • Maternal plasma leptin is increased in preeclampsia and

    (P . 03) in women with preeclampsia (45.6 ng/mL) than in normal pregnant women (27.0 ng/mL) and fell rapidly shortly after delivery (26.7